Welcome Reese and Gonzo

It’s a big day for big dogs today – we welcomed both Gonzo and Reese this morning.

Gonzo is a youngish German Shepherd who is providing Auggie with plenty of playtime. 



The Big Dog Romp - Gonzo and Auggie

 The two pooches had very compatible energy levels and entertained each other

High Energy Expended in our Back Forty

We’re also pleased to welcome our first Reading with Rover dog, Reese, an impressive Bernese Mountain Dog with a beautifully benevolent way of socializing. He’s settled right in, playing with Sasha and Kodi, a couple of Scampers’ mellower Big Dogs.

Magnificent Reese
The Mellow Big Dogs
Reese and Kodiak begin the dance

Meanwhile, we were delighted to have Whiskey join the small dog team again. She’s comfy enough meeting the big dogs, but she’s more interested in joining the play along with Penny and Scout, or with Baxter and Jax who spent a lot of time chasing leaves out in the windy “back forty”.

Butkus is more of a mid-size dog – muscular but lower to the ground. He and Lily, another mid-size pooch, found good company with Kodiak, Sasha and Reese – not intimidated in the slightest.

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