We have recently launched the Scampers version of GingrApp, a cloud-based app where, if you wish, you can manage your Scampers account privately and securely online.

You can access the Scampers GingrApp portal through this link:  http://scampersdogs.gingrapp.com/customer . Using the email address we have on file for you (that’s important – that’s the unique identifier, the way our Gingr App will recognize your account), at your own convenience, you can access your account and create a password-protected portal to:

  • Request reservations for daycare, boarding, or grooming
  • Cancel or confirm reservations
  • Monitor the status of your account, record address changes, preferred email address (yes, you can change your email address!), authorized alternate emergency contacts
  • Store your fully secured, encrypted credit card information (even we won’t know your credit card numbers!)
  • Upload documentation pertaining to your pooches’ vet information and vaccination status

Whether you use the GingrApp portal is entirely up to you – you can choose to use any, all, or none of these features. We are always happy to take your questions, requests, instructions, and updates via telephone, email, or face-to-face! We also hope that you’ll find that using the GingrApp will make your life, as it relates to Scampers care of your pooches, so much easier!