A couple of days pass, and we meet a couple of new pooches!

We’re meeting new pooches daily! What great fun to introduce new dogs to the pack.

Actually, on Friday, we were so busy we ran out of time to introduce our new pack members to you, so we’re doing a little catch-up.

We started our puppy population with Inuki, a lovely four month old Siberian Husky.

Inuki, a stunning ginger Husky pup

 When the action became too much for her, she put herself down for a little nap.

Inuki's favorite toy - the ribbed ball

We had quite a nice big dog population on Friday, and as Sasha and Inuki recognized a certain kinship in their breeds, we were happy to socialize Inuki with that group.

The Big Dog Welcoming Committee: Inuki, Abby, Mojo and Sasha

 A little later in the day, we welcomed Lily, who slid into the pack so easily, and became a great playmate for Chester. They looked wonderful, dancing in the sunlight!

Lily and Chester - backlit with sunshine
Chester was trying to convince Rosie to play
Lily was quite happy to volunteer

This morning, we were pleased to welcome Roan, a two year old Springer Spaniel – and handsome addition to our Black & White team.

Roan - All smiles and friendship (and a little drool)

Today Roan began his day romping with Abby, and the two have formed a solid friendship, playing chases games with Gloria and Schuster, and then allowing Eric to entertain them with the red “satellite” toys and rubber ribbed balls – Roan likes the “satellites” and Abby likes the balls. 

Play bows, in the distance


When Butkus joined the group for an afternoon with friends, Roan and Butkus probably found they have lots in common – their owners work in the same office!

Butkus and Roan discuss commonalities?

Yes, everyone should sleep very well tonight too.

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