New Days – New Dogs – New BFFs

We have a several busy and fun-filled days in a row with new dogs joining the Scampers pack, and giving us the opportunity to do our matchmaking trick – and, Ta Dah…. We’ve found several matches made in heaven! We’ll introduce some of the newbies, and show you how they’re spending their Scampers days.
Cutie Pooch Apu

 Apu is a Bichon Frisee x Maltese with a personality and a half. For Apu and Penny, it was love at first sight.

CockaPoo Ruby

Ruby is giving Biscuit some competition where Baxter’s concerned. He’s having a hard time deciding where to focus his attentions, actually, with Apu providing an option for some guy time with plenty of wraslin’ fun.

And speaking of Baxter, who knew he knew how to have so much fun with a ball?!

Baxter's New Toy!

For pup Oreo, the day was about discovering the fun of daycare – multitudes of pooches to sniff at and play with.

Oreo Taking a Look Around

Yesterday, when Stella Mae returned for a visit, she found more dogs of her size and type, and revelled with them. Lots of ball-chasing fun, and sharing is a great talent for her, as she shared the balls with Mojo and Phoebe. For a while it was a lovely threesome of chocolate, caramel and golden pooches of the retriever variety.

The Caramel Contingent

We were pleased to add young Roan to the group. While he didn’t quite fit in with the caramel color story, he provided lots more fun and a good kind of contrast.

Add Roan for some Contrast

Meanwhile, Gonzo and Auggie kept Eric hopping in the back big-dog room. So much energy, so much power, and so much fun.

"Moose" - Pretty Lady

Moose joined the pack on Thursday with a quiet, laid back style that evolved through the course of the day into some fun play with her new pal, Butkus, who by that time had been abandoned by his new puppy friend, Inuki.

The Butkus - Inuki Game

Today, we change up the mix again, with big dog Kodiak meeting little Whiskey and Apu for the first time, and lovely Lily providing some fun for Inuki.

Lily is Prowling

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