Scampers Welcomes Cathy Madson, The Trainer

Scampers has been growing so quickly, and we’ve been incredibly lucky to meet so many talented people along the way to help us as we grow.

Cathy Madson fits right in!

Not long ago, Cathy Madson approached Scampers as a dog trainer seeking a suitable venue for group sessions. After a long and fun conversation ironing out the logistics of venue sharing, we asked her if she knew of anyone with dog care experience who wanted to work in an environment like ours on a part-time basis, she perked up and told us she’d be interested herself.

Cathy is a busy lady. She is currently launching a new business as a dog trainer, Pawlogic Dog Training, while working for Homeward Pet Adoption Center several days a week, and at Brix several days a week, and now at Scampers several days a week. She brings a lot of dog handling experience, particularly in one-on-one interaction with dogs, and we’re grateful for her expertise.

Clearly the dogs enjoy Cathy too

Cathy’s pooch, Mikey, is a Corgi Shepherd mix with a ton of personality. We expect Mikey will be accompanying Cathy to Scampers for some of her shifts, and will become a regular member of the Scampers pack.

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