Friday, February 18, 2011

Dear Scampers People –

Yes, it has been another week of new campers and new friendships, and some really busy times at Scampers.  

Welcome Cathy Madson

With the increased numbers of Campers in attendance, we’ve been able to grow our staff again as well. We recently met Cathy Madson, a dog trainer who is currently launching a new business, Pawlogic Dog Training LLC, and were able to bring her into Scampers on a part-time basis. As a trainer, she brings a whole new point of view, and we’re able to learn new techniques in dog handling. Cathy continues to work at Homeward Pets, as well as at Brix,  and will use the Scampers rooms as the Pawlogic campus when she begins to run group classes.

Meanwhile, Stephanie has been settling in both in her new home and at Scampers. She has been bringing Breslin to meet the other pooches, and while they are taking turns playing with her, she’s learning all kinds of new lessons.

Scampers First Three Months – a Thumbnail

As we review our first quarter of business, we are amazed at how quickly the time has passed (we must be having fun!), but also at how many friends we have discovered and how many wonderful pooches have joined our roster of Campers.  We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to forge a business doing something that is so much fun. We appreciate your patronage, and are so grateful for the trust you have placed in us to tend your pooches while you go about your business.

And while our numbers continue to increase weekly (attendance in week 1 was 10, in week 7 was 49, and in week 17 was 89!), we do have plenty of space for further growth and now with our new staff members, we are preparing to launch our second Wanted! promotion during the month of March so we can continue to grow our numbers with your pooches’ friends. While we prepare, you can start thinking about the friends you’d like to see join the Scampers ranks.

Wanted: Friends with “Best Friends”, March 2011 with the Reward being a Scampers Campers Free Day Reward Card.

Friends with “best friends”, March 2011

Refer a friend to Scampers during the month of March, 2011 and we’ll waive the Temperament Test fee for their “best friend”, AND you will each receive a Free-Day Reward Card if they purchase a 10-Day Punch Card or Scampers Camper Monthly Pass.  That’s up to a $62.00 savings for your friend and up to $29 value for each Reward Card you collect during the month of March, 2011. There is no limit to the number of friends you can bring within the month; and each new friend’s purchase of a pass will result in another Free-Day Reward Card for you. All we need is their vet to fax us their vaccination records (which they normally have a quick template for … our fax number is: 425-821-4685), and we’ll take it from there!  Be sure explain that they were “wanted” so we can give you each your Rewards during our Wanted! March Event!!

Thank you so much, again, for your continued support and patronage, and for helping us to build Scampers so quickly.

We wish you a great weekend, and look forward to seeing you and your pooches next week.

Very best regards,

Stina Hughes, and
Linda Olsen, Partners

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