Puppies of all Sizes!

Abby on her favorite throne

Today was a day of assorted puppies of assorted levels of puppy-hood and assorted sizes.

First to join the house pooches was Apu.


We were happy to welcome Oreo back after the long holiday break.

Oreo, 7 months

Then added to the mix came Tessa, full of fun! At three, she’s still got lots of play, but she’s taking the lead for the day on the big dog side.

Tessa tests the ice
and then lies down!

While Roan, at two, is still plenty young and playful.

Roan tested the hydrant
Alex and Roan meet through a fence

When baby Alex arrived (is he really only 8 weeks?!), we made sure to keep him socialized, but safely away from the very curious big dog crew.

The fluffballs, Penny, Scout and Apu, were great playmates for Alex, but only in measured doses.

The Fluffball Melee, with Rosie looking on
Alex between Pooch Play moments

The fluff balls, Penny, Scout and Apu, were great playmates for Alex, but even they ran out of steam and he had to find other fun ways to occupy his energy. Stout rubber toys gave his chewy and very sharp teeth a great workout.

Meanwhile, Abby looks on. (In truth, she was a great participant in the day’s fun!)

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