It’s a Dog’s Life in Daycare!

Pant! Woof! Pant! I love being here! First, I get the most enthusiastic greeting from the people here! They love me! Then I get to run outside and have my pick of places to pee and poo!  And, I get a fresh water bowl and my choice of toys, so I’m really happy!  And I have so many friends that come here too.

All of their humans are in a hurry in the morning – they always seem to be late for something called “work”.  They all use that word and I have no idea what they are referring to … still I’m happy the humans do it so I can play with my friends.

Each time one of my buddies arrives, I get to go outside again – and each time I manage to find more places to pee, until I can’t even find a new drip to squeeze out, but I give it my best effort, again and again!  There are always new smells for me, too, so I like coming outside to see what some of my friends have been eating and what mood they’re in.  They all seem to be in very good moods – they all feel loved here, too, so they’re happy.

Inside or out, our play bows begin – we get to play with our choice of friends, as long as we do it in “healthy pairings” – mostly I just know that the white fluffy dog with the floppy ears is my favorite and sometimes I like to play with the really big black dog with the pretty, big brown eyes and the shiny coat.  I play with a bunch of other dogs, too, romping and chasing and teasing with hip tosses and wiggling a lot.  I have so much fun I barely notice that my humans are not here.

After a number of tumbles and jumbles with my friends, I do eventually tire out a bit and grab a snooze on one of the cots nearby.  They are comfortable and nice, especially when they’re in whatever sunshine Ma Nature chooses to bestow on us.  I love lying in the sun! 

Abby on her Favorite Throne - She likes the smallest one!

 Then, after a bit of rest I am ready for more romping and more visits outside.  Sometimes I chase blowing leaves or a ball, sometimes I follow my friends for more sniffing, sometimes I ask for some loving from the humans here.  They always provide just the pat or squeeze I need – I love it when they push the fur on my sides around a bit and rub me under my shoulders, or I might get a scratch on my back above my tail!  That’s the best – I often reward them with kisses for that one!

Uh oh!  What was that noise?  I think I hear my human’s voice!  I run impatiently to see if it is him and it is!!  Yay, I’ve had a really fun day and he came back for me!  Again!  I love him so much and I know he loves me as he gives me a big smooch!  Could my life be any better?  Yes, but all it’ll take is a whole bunch of food and a comfy bed next to my human.  Oh yeah, and another ride to my favorite day-time place… woof, woof, woof!


As told to Stina Hughes by Abby Fackelmann, frequent visitor to Scampers Daycamp for Dogs

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