Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear Scampers People –

2011 is already well underway for the Scampers crowd, with a sudden influx of new pooches. We’re delighted to welcome them all, and enjoy watching as they forge new friendships.

Announcing the Scampers Pooch of the Month for January
Congratulations to Kai Harris, winner of January’s Pooch of the Month ballot. Kai’s an adorable Mini-Schnauzer who visits Scampers while her Human trains young gymnasts down the street from the Scampers facility.

Final Week of Extended December Special
This is the final week of the extension of the December special –  Wanted: Friends with “Best Friends”, with the Reward being a Scampers Campers Free Day Reward Card.

Do you like the rubber floors at Scampers?
We have quite a lot extra, as a result of a shipping error by our supplier, and we are looking for good homes for 12 100s.f. rolls (4’x25’) of 3/8” thick recycled rubber flooring. This durable resilient flooring is ideal for use in gyms and garages. If you know someone who wants to pick up a roll or two, we’re selling it off at our cost. Drop us a line if you’re interested. 

Very best regards,

Stina Hughes, and
Linda Olsen, Partners

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