Hoppin’ Busy Day at Scampers

Tuesdays are typically lively days at Scampers. This Tuesday has been lively indeed.

First we welcomed little Irie to our Scampers pack. Irie’s not quite 6 months old, a mix of fun breeds including Jack Russell and Chihuahua, and we suspect there may be a little Boxer to her too.

Irie at the gate

We had a good number of pooches making up the Scampers pack today, partly because our pack is getting bigger each week, but also because Chris Sugarbaker is here to provide grooming services.

Ruby and Apu got new do’s, and Rosie got a really good bath, and Leo aka Little Bro, Jax, Irie and Lily all got mani/pedi’s.

Slightly Moppish Biscuit admiring Spiffed Up Apu and Rosie

Tessa entertained Gonzo for a good chunk of the day, while Roan spent his day with Abby and Phoebe.  

Tessa and Gonzo at play

Rounding out the crowd were regulars Baxter, Penny and Biscuit, who passed on the grooming services today although she really looks like a well-used mop. She’ll spend some time with Chris next week though.

The Three Littlest Pooches - Jax, Leo and Irie

All the dogs really love these days when they can see all their friends, and even make new friends.

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