Friday, January 14, 2011

Dear Scampers People,

This week was busy, busy, busy for the Scampers team, whether we were introducing new dogs (and they’re ranging from really young puppies and really little dogs to really big dogs!) or just romping with some of the “regulars” who have come to know each other really well; and of course we had a really active day on Tuesday, as that was Chris Sugarbaker’s grooming day.

The Big Dog–Little Dog Phenomenon, and Funny Ways Pooches Play

We’ve been uploading videos of some of the best antics on our Facebook page for your entertainment. When you have a moment, take a look. Check back from time to time – there are a few more still to be uploaded. Link to Scampers Facebook Page

Chris Sugarbaker – Cut N Run – Tuesday, January 18th and January 25th

Chris has scheduled the next two Tuesdays – January 18th and January 25th  – for Scampers customers, but he will be away then until mid-February, so if you want your pup to be spiffed up in any way while he’s here, please let me know by Monday at noon. (If we do not have enough customers to fill his day, we let him off the hook – it’s quite a long drive for him from Bonney Lake.)

Wishing everyone a fun and relaxing weekend,

Linda Olsen and
Stina Hughes, Partners

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