Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Scampers People –

This has been a doozy of a week at Scampers. We’re delighted to let you know that our population of frequent campers has increased significantly, and your pooches have new playmates to enjoy.

And enjoy they have! We’ve posted some photos in a new blog today, and linked that to our Facebook page. As soon as time allows, we’ll be adding tons more pictures through Flickr so they’ll show up in our website’s Gallery, so you’ll be able to see all of the other fantastic characters your pooch is spending time with.

As such, though, it does become more important for us to know in advance when you’re planning to bring your dog in for a day at Scampers, to ensure compatible playmates and room setup. Please feel free to use whatever means you are most comfortable with – telephone, email, Facebook posting, …

Scampers favorite Mobile Groomer, Chris Sugarbaker, of Cut ’N Run

Chris Sugarbaker will be on site at Scampers again on Tuesday, January 25th, but for the last time for several weeks, so whether your pooch needs a full groom, a simple a mani-pedi, or a bath and blow dry, please let us know by Reply, before Monday at noon, so we can schedule the appropriate time with Chris.

Wishing you all a great and restful weekend,

Stina Hughes, and
Linda Olsen, Partners

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