The New Year brings Two New Playpals for Mojo

We’ve just turned the calendar to the New Year, and already we’re introducing new pooches to the pack. Today brought two beautiful new big dogs, Meera and Coop. Meera is a beautiful blond lab cross, and Coop is a gorgeous golden retriever.

Meet Meera, Tail Wagging
Coop's All About the Play

Lucky Mojo was the first of our Big Dog crew to welcome them, and welcome them he did! The new pooches were made to feel at home right away, with nice play bows and plenty of play.  

Meera Invites Mojo for a Game

Coop immediately felt a certain kinship with Meera – perhaps because they were sharing “the new kid” experience, and was glued to her side for much of the morning.

Meera and Coop - Fast Friends

 Meanwhile, we had several pooches on the small dog side who seemed to have the same idea about how to enjoy the sunshine.

Biscuit, Rosie and Apu

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