Jinger is welcomed to Scampers

We were able to welcome Jinger to a comfortable Scampers crew today.

The statuesque Golden Doodle immediately made friends with Finn, Abby and Max, the three Labs in attendance, but also with her “mini-me”, Apu, and Alex the young whippersnapper.

Jinger at ease

She and Finn felt a great affinity, and began to play immediately.

A perfect play bow

She also enjoyed play with Alex.

Alex has high aspirations

Sunshine made a day in the yard very pleasant – lots of fun, lots of smells…

Outside Time
Outside Time - Noses Down

Meanwhile, other pooches hung out, enjoying the warmth of the day.

Max and Finn savor the day with a satellite to share
A couple of the girls just chillin'

Biscuit and Lily seemed to enjoy themselves, “just chillin'”.

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