Scampers Welcomes Stephanie Hunt

Introducing Stephanie, The Tech

Scampers Daycamp for Dogs is delighted to welcome Stephanie Hunt to the team.

Stephanie has recently moved to Seattle’s Eastside from Michigan, and brings with her many years experience in animal handling. She worked at Petsmart during her years at school and at college, where she earned her certification as a veterinary technician. Following her schooling and internships with veterinarians, Stephanie became a dog handler with a well-established doggy day care in Michigan, where she gained an understanding of pack dynamics and pack behavior.

Stephanie’s enjoying the balmy Pacific Northwest weather and has been using her time househunting to explore the region. She and her beau, Kurt, found their perfect spot in Kirkland and will settle into their permanent residence there.  

Stephanie came west with her Blue Crowned Conure, Oliver, but her two older pooches had to stay with their family in Michigan, so Kurt gave her a birthday present of an eight week old chocolate labrador retriever, Breslin, who will be visiting Scampers when she’s old enough.

We’re all so glad to welcome Stephanie to the team. Scampers campers have already shown Stephanie a warm welcome too.

The hounds gather 'round Stephanie

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