Friday, May 18, 2012

Dear Scampers People,

We’ve been keeping super busy this week, between spring cleaning and growing our community and expanding our facility… What fun everyone is having with all the activity too! This is the time for growth, for flourishing. We hope you’ve had as wonderful week as we have, and as your pooches have had too!

May Flowers?

We’ve “tidied up” our Rain Garden, pulling all the weeds and overgrown grasses, in readiness to replant it this weekend. Watch over the next few weeks as our garden starts to show color and healthy plant life, as well as a lovely home for Skippy the Bullfrog.

Sammamish Valley Arts Center
2012 Artists Studio Tour

Bingo’s human, Stacie Clark, brought this event to our attention. For everyone interested in local artists and their work, this is a wonderful opportunity – take the tour Saturday and Sunday, May 19th and 20th. Be sure to visit Stacie at Medicine Horse Studio, featured on the tour!

For more information, visit the website:

Pawlogic News: Wishing Cathy and Nick every happiness

We wish our friend and colleague, Pawlogic’s Cathy Madson and Nick Masaoka a day of sunshine and a lifetime of happiness. Their wedding will be next week, and promises to be as brilliant as they are!
Pawlogic continues to run evening and Saturday classes at Scampers. Click here to visit the Pawlogic website for more information on upcoming classes.

We’re hosting on weekends, and for sleepovers!

Remember, we’ve begun hosting your pooches for weekend daycare as well as for sleepovers! If you have a need, we can accommodate your pooches in a comfortable and familiar space.

Weekend daycare is offered for Saturday and Sunday 9 to 5, on full-day, prepaid basis only. Reservations are required by Thursday in order for us to ensure adequate staffing.

Call to reserve a spot for daycare next weekend or to ask for more information on Scampers boarding services.

Pooch need a spruce-up?

We offer grooming services – from a simple mani-pedi to a full groom – every second Tuesday through Cut-N-Run Mobile Grooming. Chris Sugarbaker, Cut-N-Run’s groomer-in-chief, has over 20 years’ experience and will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Chris’ Next Visit is Tuesday, May 29th. Be sure to claim your dog’s spot with Chris right away – his schedule has filled up completely on more than one occasion.

Send us an email request or call us to claim space for your pooch.

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