Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear Scampers People,

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We have had a busy, busy week, hosting lots of pooches, meeting new pooches, and building out our boarding facility. We hit a new record high for attendance this week, and again had to put a sign on the door to say we could take no more drop-ins, so be sure to get your reservations in!

Active Pooches, Rough Surface?
A few of our more active players are having some trouble with their feet – the asphalt surface of our yard is a little rough compared to their lovely lawns at home.
When we see a dog is getting sore feet, we do try to give them some down time. The pads will toughen up after a couple of days. In the meantime, keep them as clean and as dry as possible.

The Low Down on Nasty Poop
As you can imagine, we spend a lot of time picking up poop. You may not know that we look closely at each poop we pick up – I know, eewwww! – but that’s for safety reasons.
If any particular poop shows signs of trouble which warrants a visit to your pooch’s vet, we will let you know, and provide you with a sample to bring to your vet for analysis, along with a description of what exactly we found to be of concern.
If we suspect a contagious situation – which, by the way, would be hazardous to the entire Scampers population! – we will need to receive notification via fax from your veterinarian to clear your pooch for return to our daycare environment.

Don’t forget to reserve space!
There have been several occasions recently where we’ve had to place a sign on our door to say we had maxed out our current capacity for our staffing levels and current space configuration, and our drop-in space is now very limited. We are making changes as we move toward using the full indoor space we have available. Our eventual capacity will take up to another 20 dogs depending upon the size and shape of the groups. So, do keep telling your friends about us — we love to meet them all! Most important, though, please ensure you reserve ahead via email or phone to be sure of your pooch’s spot! A “Reply” to this email works very well, as does a quick phone call.

We’re hosting sleepovers!
Remember, we’ve begun hosting your pooches for sleepovers! If you have a need, we can accommodate your pooches in a comfortable and familiar space. This is a shot of what will – by next weekend!! – become the pooch suites. One suite, to the far right, is built, while the modular components of the next five are ready for assembly. They’re being sanded and painted now, and will soon be furnished with nice comfortable PetCots, and there is still plenty of room for any of your pooches’ personal belongings!

Again, sincerest thanks to Stina’s hubby, Lindsay Hughes, and his friends Mark Smolenski and Allison Stamm, who have have helped us to help us with our build-out. Thanks also to Sarah Hughes, a standout sander/painter!

Very best regards,

Linda Olsen and Stina Hughes
Scampers Daycamp for Dogs

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