Friday, May 25, 2012

Dear Scampers People,

How is it possible that we’ve reached the end of May already!? Well, that’s how we know we’re having fun!

This week, we have a few particular items to bring to your attention: we are available to care for pooches this weekend and on Memorial Day Monday; it’s time to vote for pooch of the month again; Chris Sugarbaker will be grooming pooches here on Tuesday and we’re taking bookings for him; and… we have proof of the existence of Skippy the Bullfrog!

Memorial Day Weekend – We’re Open

Memorial Day Monday is a national holiday and, where Scampers is concerned, will be treated like a weekend day in that the hours are 9am – 5pm, and we’re taking prepaid reservations.

We have taken several reservations for this weekend, both for boarders and for daycampers, but if you’d like to add your pooch to the party, we can still accommodate you.

Call or email to reserve space for your pooch. Be sure to specify which days!

It’s Pooch of the Month Time

It’s time to vote for our June Pooch of the Month.

We bring out the camera hoping your pooches will slow down long enough for us to get a nice selection of recognizable shots.

Visit our Facebook page to vote for your favorites.

Pooch need a spruce-up?

Don’t forget we offer grooming services – from a simple mani-pedi to a full groom – every second Tuesday through Cut-N-Run Mobile Grooming. Chris Sugarbaker, Cut-N-Run’s groomer-in-chief, has over 20 years’ experience and works with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Chris Sugarbaker of Cut-‘N-Run – Next Visit is Tuesday, May 29th.

Be sure to claim your dog’s spot with Chris right away – his schedule has filled up completely on more than one occasion. Call us to claim space for your pooch.

Our New Look – Endorsed by Skippy
So, we made some significant changes in our garden over the last few weeks and we are thrilled to announce that we have received the most important endorsement of our efforts!! Skippy, our best Bullfrog friend re-appeared in our pond, taking in some rays between some of our new alyssum plants! Here’s a shot of him enjoying the new scenery …

Pawlogic News

Also, today is Cathy Madson’s wedding day. We wish Cathy and Nick a wonderful day and a wonderful life together!

Cathy will be running Pawlogic classes again starting next week. Visit her website to book with her.

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