Flooring Woes (Whoa’s?)

Oh, Dear! Oh, Woe is Scampers new floor. Scampers new floor is Whoa’d.

When Stina found that gorgeous Black with 17% Lipstick Red Fleck recycled rubber flooring, we were thrilled! To bits!

5000 square feet of recycled rubber flooring is a rather large order, so we were not too concerned to learn that the order had been split between two separate factories, having been reassured that the colors would be a perfect match.

When Tran arrived and rolled nine massive rolls of 50′ long rubber off the back of the truck into our loading bay, I was excited, if a little frightened – for Tran as well as for our new rubber. When the second fellow arrived the next day with two pallets, each with 16 rolls of 25′ long rubber, something seemed a little off. But! The boys were going to come and install them on Sunday. Yippee!

12 hours of work by two hard-working men, who installed flooring into the hardest most complicated corners, followed by 12 hours of work by two hard-working old broads, who wrestled with the stickiest blackest goo you can imagine to seal the seams, and what do we discover? One guess! The two factories sent us floor of two different thicknesses! We almost had a 1/8″ step in our floors!

1/4 Inch – Not right
3/8″ – The Right Stuff

And not only that, of the 32 rolls of the wrong stuff, which is the first stuff we’d used, 11 were completely unusable because their edges so badly ruffled they  looked like they could be made into flamenco costumes.

Well, this morning, the first call Stina made was to the rubber flooring company. They’re going to make it right. Well, I know they will, but will they reinstall the new shipment? Will they do the caulking? Oh, I sure hope so, because we are truly tuckered out now and can’t even imagine ripping this floor up starting all over again.

Rosie and Biscuit like it. We’re a little less happy with it.

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