The Power of a Decorated Fleet!

We met two new friends on Friday, because of our car art!

First was Amy J, who found us having a bite to eat outside Panera in Redmond. She recognized us by the two dogs at our feet. She’d spotted the car parked a few yards away, and was excited to read about a nearby Doggy Daycare. She has a large Labradoodle who needs some social time. I’m hoping we’ll see him at our Grand Opening.

An hour later, in Overlake, we met Diane. She was parked next to us, and when we emerged from the shop, she asked about Scampers location. It seems her Mojo needs a place like Scampers for the occasional half-day while Diane plays MahJong.
Way to go, Karen of Stripe Graphics, and Joel and the team at Olympic Reprographics – Thanks for doing such a great job!

And Diane and Amy, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

One thought on “The Power of a Decorated Fleet!

  1. Both Stripe Graphics and Olympic Reprographics were absolutely super to work with! Real pros! Little surprise that their work is being appreciated by our audience.

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