Did you know – Scampers Wranglers’ Expertise

Between Bellevue and Kirkland, Scampers has a roster of more than 30 staffers overseeing your pooches’ play. Most of these staffers are full timers, but we also employ several part timers. Many of our staffers have worked with us for more than 5 years, with one or two tipping past or approaching the 10 year mark.

Many of our staffers came to Scampers following stints at other dog daycares in the region, and we’re grateful that they bring the expertise gathered in those jobs along with them.

Several of the students who work with us part time are pursuing education in animal care, whether aspiring to careers as veterinarians, vet techs, or animal control and preservation as Park Rangers.

Our wranglers, are provided text, video, and on the job training in canine behavior.
Many seek out additional canine behavioral training external to Scampers and bring those skills to us – we have a staffer with animal behavior, nutrition, and dog training education. Additionally, many of our crew have taken Canine First Aid training, at our expense, to augment their skills.

Within their onboarding training, our new staffers learn to identify canine behavior including play bows, appeasement signals, positive and negative approaches to engagement, prey drive, and so much more.

There’s significant learning and vocabulary specific to managing large groups of dogs. The job is primarily a visual one, as dogs do not actually communicate very much via audible signals, rather their communication is through body postures and facial expressions – which is, by the way, why our dogs are so very attuned to their humans’ facial expressions. You are continually communicating with your dogs at home, you just don’t always realize it.

Above all – everyone who work for Scampers understand that they have an important job – they are responsible for the safety and health of your pooches while they are in our care.