Did you know? Bordetella, aka Kennel Cough

As we all know, Kennel Cough is highly contagious and this time of year, just like the flu for humans, cases are on the rise. But, there is something you can do to proactively protect your dog from it.

Consider having a conversation with your vet about your dog’s potential to be exposed with Dog Daycare being part of your dog’s lifestyle. They might suggest increasing the frequency of vaccination (also nasal or oral delivery) for Kennel Cough. While these options cover a broad range of the strains out in the world, it is not 100%, but as with the COVID vaccine for humans, chances of being exposed and having a truly serious case of Kennel Cough are much lower.

Historically, we’ve also found that while annual vaccination is the logical interval in the people world, in reality the strength of protection appears to wane over time, so when we do see a season of Kennel Cough arise, it will more often be those dogs whose shots are more than six months from their administration who will be impacted.

So, please consider getting your pooches onto a semi-annual vaccination plan for Bordetella – your vet can readily set that up so that you get reminders to keep the protection in place.