Health Alert – Nov 17, 2023

Folks, there’s an article making the rounds in the news and social media describing a scary “mystery disease” that has been affecting dogs as nearby as Idaho and Oregon.

There is a concern about a strain of kennel cough that some dogs have had a very tough time with.

I spoke with our advisor at King County Board of Health and he was able to provide some of key information that’s missing from the article.

Golden retriever puppy with an ice bag on his head
The particular issue is due to a strep virus that is compounded with a fungal infection, and that combination can advance to pneumonia very quickly.

Its origins appear to be a rescue organization in San Diego that had been trying to accommodate almost twice as many dogs as they were set up for, so overcrowding, stray dogs, unvaccinated dogs, also have to be taken into consideration.

Symptoms to watch for are cough, lethargy, fever, runny eyes and nose.

After reviewing the details with our Board of Health advisor, I’m confident we’re doing all the right things as a matter of our normal cleaning and sanitizing protocols.

For your information, whenever we notice a dog is coughing, we set them up in an isolation suite for immediate pickup by their families, and we always recommend immediate vet care for any dog who appears to be lethargic or is coughing.
We ask that you help us to prevent the spread of any communicable diseases: Make sure your pooches are fully vaccinated, first of all. Then be vigilant and always seek a vet’s care if your dog has a cough or seems lethargic, and NEVER bring a dog with a cough to daycare.