A lively Tuesday – New Pooches, and Chris Sugarbaker

Well, what a day Tuesday turned out to be!

We welcomed Leo to the pack today. Leo’s a gorgeous Dachshund, sleek and elegant, but with plenty of vim and vigor to romp with our other Dachshund, Jax.

Leo's first look at Scampers

The two chased and chased and ran circles around and circuits through our red tunnel. Leo even gave a good try at hurdling the tunnel, but found that didn’t work quite as well… Leo was also a great playmate for the other Scampers pooches.

Also forming our small dog crew were Penny, Baxter, Jax, Gloria and Schuster, as well as Rosie and Biscuit. Yep, it was a busy and active day on the small dog side!

We also met Smoky and Paws, Schnoodle and Cockapoo respectively, who were visiting Chris Sugarbaker for haircuts today, but will be joining the Scampers pack in the coming weeks.

Our big dog crew was made up today of Kodi, Sasha and Auggie – three substantial pooches with substantial personality.

Auggie and Kodi enjoyed some romp time

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