Pooch of the Month – December 2010

Jax "Weenie" McGill - Pooch of the Month, December 2010

Taking the line from the great oldie but goodie, to know Jax is to love him.

Apparently, his Facebook fans came out in force to vote – he was the clear winner in Scampers Daycamp for Dogs first poll. Perhaps it’s those delightful ears, or his soulful expression… He’s also very popular with the other dogs, happily playing with all his Scampers fellow Campers.

Jax is a Scampers early adopter, and the Scampers team learned quickly that he’s a giant of a personality in a tiny little body, with his fearless romp through the tunnel of terror, his Jumping Jax routine – strings of multiple vertical leaps with ears flying – and his fondness for ear-washing whenever he is picked up.

Jax is working hard at getting to Stina's ear. He thinks it may need washing.

We found out on Black Friday that Jax is also quite the Tecchie Dog, helping Stina with her data entry in our new business management program.

Tecchie Dog to the Rescue!

Jax is an agility dog, and even has his own Facebook page for his followers. Search in Facebook for Jax “Weenie” McGill and join his fan club.

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