Week 8: 12/17/10

Dear Scampers People –

We’re all hurtling towards the holiday season – so much to do, so little time! Are you prepared? Maybe we can help.

Holiday Hours at Scampers
Remember, we’re here for you if you need to drop your pooch off for an afternoon while you get your shopping done! We’re open from 7:00 to 7:00 Monday through Thursday the 23rd, and the week following we’ll be open Monday through Thursday the 30th.  We will only be closed Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Our pooch population is changing daily even during the holiday season, and we’re seeing shifts in Scampers Campers attendance patterns and sometimes in Scampers Campers caregivers /  dropper-offers. Here’s an idea for you – Mojo’s family bought a spare punchcard for Granddad to use while he’s dog sitting next week – they recognized that he’ll need a break from Mojo’s energy from time to time, and he’ll  need to bring Mojo to us.

Planning for the holidays with your dog in mind
Stina found this article in last week’s issue of The Journal, and with the author’s permission, we’ve posted the entire article in our blog. Take a moment to click the link and read through this important article so you can be sure you’re keeping your pooch safe while you’re celebrating.

Scampers Alliances
From time to time,  Daycamp for Dogs staff have found opportunities to form alliances with providers of services for dogs and their owners. Lately we’ve met several dog trainers from the area, and that’s how we learned of the Reading with Rover program, Puppy Manners, and Dogs in Progress. As we come across these kinds of useful services, news and information, we’ll be sharing it with you in our blog, on our Facebook page, and in our Weekly Recaps.  (p.s. If you need help finding pooch sitters and pooch walkers, give us a call – we have plenty of contact options for you there too.)

Pooch of the Month – January
Photos will be posted next week for January’s Pooch of the Month ballot. Get ready to vote for your favorite shots for January’s Pooch. We’ll send the link in next week’s recap.

Reminder: December Specials
We remind you that we are running two “specials” for the month of December, Wanted: Friends with “Best Friends”, with the Reward being a Scampers Campers Free Day Reward Card, and special pricing for Reading With Rover certified dogs.

Wanted: Friends with “Best Friends”

Friends with “best friends”

Refer a friend to Scampers and we’ll waive the Temperament Test fee for their best friend, AND you will each receive a Free-Day Reward Card with the new purchase of a 10-Day or Scampers Camper Monthly Pass. 

That’s up to a $62.00 savings for your friend and up to $27 value for each Reward Card you collect during December!!

There is no limit to the number of friends you can bring within the month of December; each new successive friend’s purchase of a pass will result in another Free-Day Reward Card for referrals.

All we need is their vet to fax us their vaccination records (which they normally have a quick template for … our fax number is: 425-821-4685), and we’ll take it from there!

Be sure explain that they were “wanted” so we can give you each your Rewards during our December Event!!

Reading with Rover
Scampers is also proud to offer Reading with Rover certified dogs a special “Thank You” for your wonderful efforts to teach children that reading is fun. (Link to information on the Reading With Rover program.) For more information on the special offer for Reading with Rover certified dogs, call the Scampers team.

We wish you a great weekend, and look forward to seeing you and your pooches next week.

Very best regards,

Stina Hughes, and
Linda Olsen, Partners

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