Vet Info, and why it’s so important

Why do we want to know who your current veterinarian is? Well, that is a pretty easy question to answer. Let us explain:
Dog wearing stethoscope
Daycare is so much fun for the pooches, but injuries and emergencies have been known to happen, although they happen very rarely. We do our best to train our staff on dog body language and basic first aid, but if there is ever an emergency involving your dog, we can rush them to the vet that they know and love, and they will receive whatever care they need.

Another very important factor is vaccines. We are required by the King County Board of Health to maintain current vaccine information for all dogs in our play zones, and they are required to be up to date on their Bordetella, DPP, and Rabies vaccines. If we know who your dog sees to receive these shots, we can easily email them to forward that information to us.

We also understand that life happens, and clients can change vets for various reasons. If this is the case for you, please send us a quick email or phone call letting us know what vet you prefer. We appreciate all our clients for helping us out in this cause. As with all things, this aspect only makes the important part of our jobs (dog safety) a lot easier.