Let’s Talk About Name Tags!

This week we want to talk about name tags! Now, you may think we don’t remember your dog, we promise that we do! Every dog truly is unique and special to us and our staff.

Even though we host hundreds of dogs per week, we truly do our best to know and recognize the unique traits of each dog, as that is the most fun part of our jobs.

But! Like us humans, dogs have those tough to tell apart Doppelgängers. Sometimes, we have 6 female black Labradors, or 3 male cream poodle mixes, or 2 male black Great Danes, … in one playzone. Now, we know your dog is unique, but when there are that many look-a-likes, it makes our job extra tough.

This is why we recommend you bring your pooch to daycare with a fresh, easy to read, and well-secured name tag. We appreciate being able to know who your pooch is right away! That way we can give them as much love and attention as they deserve, without trying to solve the puzzle of which black lab is Layla, for example.

Thanks everyone!