Sunday, November 25, 2012

We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We enjoyed some family time as well.

In addition to the holiday festivities, this has been an epic week for Scampers, as we have made some significant changes to our facility, and we’re so excited to show it all off to you. (You won’t recognize the place!)

Pooch of the Month – December, 2012 – Voting Now Open
This month, we’re doing something a little different with Pooch of the Month.

It may have been in part inspired by sweet Harper’s Pretty Pumpkin costume, or by the number of pooches who have been arriving wearing the spiffiest duds.

This month, we’re featuring a fashion show of the Littles in their finery.

K9 Nose Work Classes Starting at Scampers
Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and an inborn desire to hunt.

The sport of K9 Nose Work is designed to develop the natural scenting abilities of your dog by using their passion for hunting and their love of toys, food and exercise.

It’s a great class for your dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy and to find out just how good your dog’s nose is.

Vicki Francks, owner of Cascade Canines will be offering K9 Nose Work Classes using Scampers facility beginning Friday, December 7th.

Contact Vicki at 206-849-7643. More information is available as Scampers front desk.

Health Alert – Parvo Outbreak in the Region
Reposting information dated November 24, 2012 from Seattledogspot:

“Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services (ACCES) sent out a notification today saying that it has seen 7 canine parvovirus (parvo) cases over the last 2 weeks which is an unusually high number of cases for the emergency clinic.
Canine parvo is a highly contagious and potentially lethal viral illness. Major symptoms include:
• lethargy
• significant weight loss
• fever
• vomiting
• dehydration
• foul smelling, bloody diarrhea
Parvo is spread from dog to dog primarily through exposure to contaminated feces. It is also spread through contact with hands, instruments, clothing, food and water dishes, toys and bedding. The virus can remain on a dog’s hair or coat and serve as a means of transmission long after recovery from clinical disease.
The virus is also incredibly resistant – it can live in soil for up to a year.
If you know the source of the virus you should clean the area with household bleach, the only disinfectant known to kill it.

(Note: At Scampers, we use Dupont Virkon, also known asTrifectant, which does in fact kill the Parvo virus.)

ACCES highlighted the following in the notice sent out today:
1. Currently there appears to be a community-wide parvo outbreak
2. The animals seen at ACCES have tested pos for parvo, at clinic’s Seattle and Renton locations
3. Monitor your pet for vomiting, diarrhea, and/or lethargy
4. The strain has been affecting EVEN VACCINATED ANIMALS
5. See your regular veterinarian to have your pet tested for parvo if you notice any symptoms
6. Minimize your pet’s contact with other animals at this time
7. Contact your vet to see whether it’s advisable for your pet get a booster for parvo
… if your dog hasn’t been vaccinated against parvo, you should have it done immediately. If you aren’t sure, check with your vet. Remember that the incubation period for parvo can last up to 14 days, so even if your dog appears healthy now it could still have the virus. … ”

As always, please remember – never bring a sick dog to Scampers. Please check with your veterinarian if you suspect your dog may be ill.

Accidents Happen
Chris Sugarbaker, Cut-N-Run’s groomer-in-chief, advises that his studio-van has sustained significant damage in a car accident, although he tells us that other than some nasty bruises, he’s alright.

As a result of the damage to the van, though, he will be unable to visit Scampers until he has been able to repair it or set up a new van.
We’re wishing him the best of luck and speedy healing, and look forward to seeing his smiling face again soon.

Pawlogic News
Cathy Madson of Pawlogic Dog Training holds group classes at Scampers location.

Cathy offers classes including Basic Obedience, Continuing Obedience and Real Life Training, and Introduction to Obedience for Puppies. For more information or to register your dog in any of the classes, call Cathy at 425 443 5280, or … Visit the Pawlogic website to book classes for your pooch with Cathy.

Watch for more exciting information on new classes in our upcoming newsletters.

Scampers Boarding
Our boarding services are proving to be very popular, and we’ve been taking bookings for the upcoming holiday seasons. If you foresee needing space for your pooch at Scampers, please get your reservations placed early.

Note that there is a premium charge for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Note regarding Thanksgiving – we’re booked solid – there’s no more room at the Inn. We’re getting close to full for Christmas too.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Very best regards,
Linda Olsen and Stina Hughes
Scampers Daycamp for Dogs

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