Scampers Welcomes Suzanne DeVleming and Courtney Peabody

With Spring approaching and amazing growth in numbers of Scampers Campers, we were so lucky to find two wonderful dog wranglers to join the crew.

Suzanne and Jolie
Suzanne and Jolie enjoy a snuggle

First came Suzanne DeVleming, who recently relocated to Washington after a career in managing a doggy daycare in Oregon. Prior to entering the pet care industry, Suzanne had a full career as a primary school teacher, as well as a dance teacher. From her very first day, Suzanne has been very popular with all the Scampers Campers, likely because of her way of speaking directly to them.  Suzanne’s pooch is adorable Jolie, a Shih Tzu who adopted Suzanne while visiting the doggy daycare in Oregon.

Later in the day, Courtney joined the crew, bring with her lots of  love for dogs, and experience in dog handling, having worked with veterinarians and as an on-call care giver for dogs. She continues to work as a free-lance dog sitter and dog walker. Courtney has two dogs at home, Chloe and Shiva. Shiva is a Scampers camper already, and after a little more training, we believe Chloe has plans to join us as well.

Courtney cuddles with new puppy Kodi

 We’re fully staffed up now, and looking forward to enjoying Courtney and Suzanne as they grow in their Scampers careers.

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