Scampers Weekly Recap – August 11, 2017

Scampers Weekly Recap - August 11, 2017
Dear --Valued Customer--
We're still coping with super-warm, muggy days, so we're using shade tents, pooch pools, fountains and misters to keep the pooches as cool as we can, and we're spending a lot more time indoors in climate controlled situations.

Our Bellevue pooches, who don't have AC in their play area, are enjoying the cooling effects of the great big fans, pooch pools, and other heat-mitigating devices. But we're certainly looking forward to cooler days.

That cooling trend should start soon - we're losing a bunch of our people to "back-to-school", so that means Autumn must be approaching, right?
Calming Signals
Dogs use a system of language, including barking, yes, but also of a myriad of physical signals that range from mild appeasement signals like yawning, licking, and the slight turn of a head, to tail wags and play bows, to more intense signals like a tail tuck or a turn or roll of the body, or a lip curl.

One researcher in particular, Turid Rugaas, has learned a lot about the way dogs are communicating with each other, and trying to communicate with us, using what she calls "Calming Signals".

It's good to know what a dog is trying to tell you when they roll over like that - they're not doing that shoulder roll to annoy you. They're doing it to calm themselves in what may they perceive as a stressful or anxious moment or to defuse a tense moment with another dog or within the group of dogs.

There is a quick but very informative YouTube video that will show you examples of these signals so you can better understand what your pooch is trying to tell you; and if you find that fascinating, you can purchase Turid Rugaas' books through Amazon.

Every once in a while we come across a dog-oriented joke.

This one's todays:

We've chosen this pic to honor the many Corgis who are attending both our locations.
Watch for the updates of our framed Friday Funny in our reception area.

We'll also make sure they're posted on our Facebook page so you can share them with your friends.
Heard 'Round the Water Bowl
We're a pretty close knit group of pooches - we form strong friendships, and we get to know each other very well. When new pooches join us, we love to introduce them around and get them started in their Scampering adventures - that's why they call us the "Welcome Waggin".
Our Welcome Waggin team was happy to welcome newbies at both locations again this week.
Little Indie M was grateful for the new friends she found with Kirkland's Welcome Waggin' on Monday morning. They helped her to feel at home, and did their best to show her that the back forty is all about the fun that can be had with a bunch of canine friends.

Meanwhile, Hank McH, the baby Australian Labradoodle, got to frolic and play puppy games with little Leo M, the GoldenDoodle puppy. They will both grow up to be such charmers.

Tuesday was Dakota Lab's turn to try on the Scampers Camper games. He's a senior, but he knows how to have a good time! Bellevue was busy welcoming young Lab mix Beau, who went home tired and hungry after a very busy day.

Thursday was a super-busy day for the Bellevue bunch, welcoming family mates Bindi and Ruger, and young Labradoodle Clyde. A good time was had by all, that's for sure!

Today, the Kirkland Littles are welcoming Kota, Stella Blue's "niece" pooch. They're about the same size, and not too different in age, and have a blast with each other, but we know that Stella Blue will happily share Kota's attention with some of her Little friends.
Welcome all. We're delighted to share our days with you!
Hey, Peeps, don't forget, if you're curious about how we spend our days and you're not quite sure what those report cards really mean, you can watch the adventures in the photos and videos our wranglers are posting on the Scampers Facebook page.

Hudson and Isabel
We've added Instagram to our assortment of Social Media tools. Tag or search #scampersdogs and join in the fun.

Bellevue Pool Play

Companion pooches Fergie and Burt

Cuddle Buddies


Littles On Alert
Every once in a while we receive a photo from one of our customers showing us what their beloveds are doing after their day at Scampers.
We've seen many of our Scampers families expand recently, and we're looking for pics of our campers tending to their new humans. We hope we'll see lots more baby and pooch pictures! Click here to send your pics in via email.

Pi's wish came true -
she has a new baby sister!

Karsen was introduced to new baby sister, Hayden.
He's doing a great job of being a girl's best friend.
Apparently, young English Setter Leica is getting lots of exercise when she comes to Scampers. Here's what she looks like at home.

Sophie the Bernedoodle must have been
just too tired to pull her tongue all the way back in
after collecting her kisses.

Last week's newbie Loki L,
done in after his first day!

Bliss is a place to rest my head,
a hand to stroke my neck.
This category of owner-contributed pics features dogs enjoying their extracurricular fun.
This is where we'll post the pics we've received of your pooches enjoying summer vacations, beach roaming, ball games, and any other such general exploring. 

Amara turned one
and she and her mom had fun celebrating.

Boating with Barky, Sharky Lupin
Doesn't he look cool?
We have also received some great shots documenting "The Real Reason" you bring your furkids to Scampers.

Pretty Abby G is a very helpful pooch indeed. This lovely picture shows her effort at helping to unpack mysterious things at the office.
Chris Sugarbaker of Cut-N-Run, mobile groomer extraordinaire has been serving our Kirkland clients every second Tuesday since we opened in 2010.

Chris will make his next visit to serve our Kirkland clients on Tuesday, August 15th, and his next visit after that will be Tuesday, August 29th.

For our Bellevue clients, Chris will be visiting our Bellevue shop on Wednesday, September 6th. We've established that he'll be visiting Bellevue on alternate Mondays, with the occasional switch when there's a holiday that interferes. Except! He'll be taking this next cycle off as a vacation week, so his next visit to Bellevue will be, after Labor Day Monday, and the next visit after that will be Monday, September 18th.

Keep in mind that Chris' grooming schedule often fills up, so it's important to get your reservations in early.
Our boarding facilities at both locations have been very busy this season. Please remember to get your boarding requests in early to make sure there's room enough for your pooches. Your boarding requests can be submitted via GingrApp, or you can give us a call to check and see if there's space available. Remember, if our boarding facility at Kirkland is full, there may be space available at our Bellevue shop and vice versa. We'll do our very best to accommodate you if we are able to.

Samson is a frequent Scampers boarder. Here he is greeting the morning staff with his great big grin!
Boarding Drop Off Times
We ask that boarders be dropped off before noon, although exceptions can be made in case of an emergency. Arriving at Scampers is very stimulating for your pooches - even after a busy day of adventuring elsewhere - and it takes several hours for the incomers to settle down. And one stimulated pooch means a whole houseful of stimulated pooches. One of the reasons that Scampers boarding facilities works well for most of our guests is that the guests are good and tired after a day of playing, roving and sniffing. Of course, a tired dog is a good dog.
We are hosting a lot of pooches these days, and, believe it or not, we have an awful lot of Look-Alikes! Of course, it's always a good idea to have your furbabies clearly identified, just in case of the unthinkable, but our wranglers would so appreciate just a bit of help identifying which one is which, just every once in a while.
Hello, My Name Is...
Dogs on Leashes, Pretty Please!
Some dogs jump up on people to greet them, whether the jumpees want to be greeted or not. Others feel the need to protect their owners. Some are just too darned excited to contain themselves and bolt, sometimes in some very surprising directions.

There are so many things that could go awry, and we worry.

For safety's sake, please be sure to have your dogs on leashes and well under control while moving them between your car and our reception area.

If you need to borrow a leash, we always have a loaner leash available in  our reception area.
Please Navigate our Parking Lots with Caution!
Remember, there are dogs crossing. And people.

And, in our Bellevue lot, which is shared with a car dealership,  we've noticed there are many non-Scampers drivers (some of them have obviously never walked a dog) and, from what we've observed, they're all frustrated Formula 1 drivers.

PLEASE take care when navigating our parking lots, whether you're doing the walking or the driving. We sure don't want any nasty accidents!
Give em a quick stroll first, please!
Remember, arriving at daycare is extra-stimulating. We often have pooches empty out in the lobby because they just can't contain themselves any longer!

If you're bringing you pooch into Scampers after a long car ride, please give them a quick toodle around the bushes or pillars before bringing them inside.

Any poops can be delivered to the green garbage cans - if you need a poop bag, just pop in and ask for one!
We know how much you love your furbabies - that's why you bring them to Scampers, after all. But please remember that very few dogs require more than two meals per day, and for many, one is enough.

We happily provide meal service for very young puppies who really do need a mid-day meal to support their growing bodies, and for dogs whose veterinarians prescribe a mid-day meal, e.g., dogs on certain medications or who have metabolic, gastric, or intestinal conditions; otherwise, however, if your pooch is over 6 months old, please do not bring snacks and meals for them.

Frankly, we're having a tough time staffing for the demand lately, and because so many  on our lunch list don't really need a meal, they're reluctant to eat, and our staffers are hand feeding them, coaxing them, singing to them... They really don't need it, honest!

A gentle reminder that Scampers daycare hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, and our weekend and holiday daycare hours are by appointment only,  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
In the case of an emergency, we are able to make the accommodation for extended stay. Please call us, though, to advise.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Very best regards,
Linda Olsen and Stina Hughes 
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