Introducing Linda, The Brunette

Linda Olsen relocated to Redmond from Vancouver, BC to partner up with her sister, Stina, and become a co-founder of Scampers. Linda chose to take the leap following a long career in executive support in various industries including franchising, real estate development, and engineering. She also brings extensive experience in retail sales management and customer service.

Linda adopted her pooch, Biscuit, shortly after moving to Redmond. Biscuit is a charming four year old apricot “Bichoodle” (Bichon Frise x Poodle) who has a tendency to be fearful but has learned not to bark since joining the Olsen household. The pack socialization process at Scampers Daycamp for Dogs will help Biscuit to become less fearful as she learns her place in the pack.

Biscuit’s feline friend is Frankie, a senior Siamese/Tabby who was willing to accept the cuddly pooch into the household once he was reassured that his status of King remains unchallenged.

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