Coming Soon – Scampers Daycamp for Dogs

We’re just weeks away from opening our doors to Scampers Daycamp for Dogs, at 12532 NE 124th Street in Kirkland, Washington.

We’ve been working like demons – a ton of work already done, and another ton to be done before September 13th. Yes, 13th. It’s actually a LUCKY number!!

The office and kitchen/meeting room have been built, and we’re just waiting for the second coat of paint to dry before we move our office furniture in and take up our posts.
Still to be done:

  • Scrape the old glue off the floors and patch in preparation for laying down the 3/8″ rubber flooring – healthier for the pups’ joints, and the humans’ too!
  • Paint the bottom 48″ of the walls with a skookum coating of epoxy paint (over a skookum coat of specialized primer).
  • Receive and install the 4000 sq ft of rubber flooring.
  • Order, receive and install the fencing.
  • Admire the rain garden as it is installed. Lovely! And a wonderful way to ensure that any runoff is well and truly filtered … naturally.
  • Install the “hydrants”. Pedicure Red!
  • Admire the signage as it is installed. Hey, busy, hardworking dog-owners, we’re here for you!
  • Receive and don our beautiful logowear. So cool!

Oh, I’m sure there’s more to do, but we’re remembering in time and getting it all done. We’ll keep you posted as things advance.

Hey, hardworking dog-owners in Kirkland / Redmond / Bothell / Woodinville … , we’ll be here for you soon.

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