Fun Times with City Halt

As sent to Sarah:

Originally, we had planned to open this coming Monday. Actually, we had planned to have a Grand Opening Open House tonight, even, but we’ve run into the quagmire of the City of Kirkland. We were expecting to have a challenge with the King County Board of Health, as we are the first dog daycare to open since they rewrote their regulations on animal care and kennels, but other than a couple of rather over the top requirements (double-bag the poop?!) that we were able to handle, they’ve been great. On the other hand, the permitting process through the City of Kirkland has been more of a by-guess and by-golly experience for us. We’ve had several of our contractors exclaim that the City staffers must be using our application to keep themselves busy, as they really don’t have any other new applications coming through the door while the economy has been so poor. So we’re their entertainment, paying fee after fee, when we could be open, hiring tax paying citizens, and being a tax paying business… Today, we submit our revised and improved application, with every single requirement addressed and proven. Wish us luck.

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