Friday, November 9, 2012

What a fabulous week we’ve had – gorgeous, if cool, weather makes for happy pooches, and happy people, too. Perhaps we are feeling the beginnings of oncoming seasonal fun. We’re certainly seeing a sharp rise in camper attendance numbers again. Could that have to do with daylight savings time making evenings darker earlier?

November’s Pooch of the Month – Congratulations, Harper H
And the Results Are In!!! We’re making an early call in this vote … Harper the Punkin is our winner!! While voting was brisk in this campaign, all advertising and lobbying remained positive and delightful. Harper now has a clear mandate to remain as cute as pie as our November Pooch of the Month!! Congratulations to her campaign team and chief lobbyist, Christine.

Pooch need a spruce-up?
Chris Sugarbaker, Cut-N-Run’s groomer-in-chief, will drive his studio to Scampers on Tuesday, Nov 13th. Chris’s schedule does fill up quickly, so be sure to claim a spot for your pooch -whether for a simple mani-pedi, a bath and blow dry, or a full groom complete with the works! Click this link to send us an email request or call us to claim space for your pooch.

Redmond High School Drama Club Presents Legally Blonde!
Redmond High School’s Drama Club is presenting Legally Blonde, a longtime favorite for many and a real must-see for enthusiasts of live theater. We at Scampers are very proud to be supporting the RHS Drama Club – the students put on such a professional show, and one of our most brilliant Intimidators of Dust is playing (many instruments) in the pit orchestra (Way to play it, Sarah!) The students are even offering child care for a nominal fee – hey, they’ll entertain your youngsters too!

Scampers will be closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday – except to Boarders
Our Thanksgiving Day will be devoted to preparing for our renovation, which takes place on Black Friday, and our daycare will be closed for those two days. (We will be hosting boarding dogs for those days, however.) Enjoy your turkey dinners on Thursday, and we wish you the best of Shopper’s Luck on Friday.

Scampers Boarding
Our boarding services are proving to be very popular, and we’ve been taking bookings for the upcoming holiday seasons. If you foresee needing space for your pooch at Scampers, please get your reservations placed early.

Note that there is a premium charge for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Note regarding Thanksgiving – we’re booked solid – there’s no more room at the Inn. We’re getting close to full for Christmas too.

Pawlogic News
Cathy Madson of Pawlogic Dog Training holds group classes at Scampers location.

Cathy offers classes including Basic Obedience, Continuing Obedience and Real Life Training, and Introduction to Obedience for Puppies. For more information or to register your dog in any of the classes, call Cathy at 425 443 5280, or … Visit the Pawlogic website to book classes for your pooch with Cathy.

Watch for more exciting information on new classes in our upcoming newsletters.

Heard ‘Round the Water Bowl
We’re excited to be adding new personalities each week. Our frequent campers are doing their best to make them feel welcome. Here’s some of the gossip heard ’round the water bowl:

“Hazel and Daisy Beagle were interested to meet so many cousin beagles among so many other friendly little pooches. I wonder if they realize how many new fun friends they’re going to make.”

“Gus has been making new friends and then finding many of those newfound friends with each new visit to Scampers. Today he’s discovering Katie and – bonus! -rediscovering Zoe!”

“It was so impressive to see as Lilly Boxer just waltzed into the group as confident as can be and had a perfectly grand time with her new friends – she’s a born party girl, that’s for sure!”

“Allie Jo is another great addition to the big dog group – she has a nice quiet way of introducing herself to new friends – she shows them her beautiful, lush, curly tail, and lets it wave just ever so gracefully.”

“I love being a part of the Welcome Waggin, but maybe we should invite some of the other campers to help us with this task. With so many pooches, we really could use some help with that, and we ought to share in the fun!”

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Very best regards,
Linda Olsen and Stina Hughes
Scampers Daycamp for Dogs

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