Friday, January 4, 2013

After a fun filled holiday stretch, we’re finally finding our way out from under the decorations and gift wrap and feast leftovers and we’re making tracks back to our routines.

This has been a fun week for us, with lots of pooch visits, frozen hoses, and even the occasional hint of winter sunshine.

You Voted: Best of Scampers Photos 2012
Last week, we posted a Facebook album of all of our Pooch of the Month photos from 2012 along with a handful of other fun shots from our Scampers cameras, and your votes are in.

Winner of our Best of 2012 Photo Contest: Oliver!
This was the closest margin of voting in our history, with the margin being 1 — literally 1! When we counted “unique likes and comments” for each candidate, we could not believe our eyes! At least, our 2nd place pooch, Yoda, just enjoyed his stint as December’s Pooch of the Month, so we can’t feel too badly for him. But Oliver pulled it out with his “sweet as pie” photo! Congratulations to Oliver and his family for this prestigious honor!

Click here to have a look through the Facebook album.

The Return of Chris!
We are delighted to advise that Chris Sugarbaker, Cut-N-Run’s groomer-in-chief has fitted out his new studio van and will be back on the road next week. His next visit to Scampers will be Tuesday, January 8th.

We are very excited about his return, and apparently so are all of his customers -Chris’ schedule for baths and full grooms has filled up completely, although we do have some time slots available if your pooch needs a “Mani-Pedi”.

Scampers Boarding
Our boarding services are proving to be very popular, and we’ve filled up for the holiday season.

Our busiest times are the holiday weekends and our suites do fill up, so be sure to get your reservations in early.

Note that there is a premium charge for July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

K9 Nosework Classes
Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and an inborn desire to hunt.

The sport of K9 Nose Work is designed to develop the natural scenting abilities of your dog by using their passion for hunting and their love of toys, food and exercise.

It’s a great class for your dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy and to find out just how good your dog’s nose is.

Vicki Francks, owner of Cascade Canines will is offering K9 Nose Work Classes using Scampers facility. The first class is already underway, but if you’re interested in enrolling in the next class, please be sure to contact Vicki at 206-849-7643. More information is available as Scampers front desk.

Pawlogic News
Cathy Madson of Pawlogic Dog Training holds group classes at Scampers location.

Cathy offers classes including Basic Obedience, Continuing Obedience and Real Life Training, and Introduction to Obedience for Puppies. For more information or to register your dog in any of the classes, call Cathy at 425 443 5280, or … Visit the Pawlogic website to book classes for your pooch with Cathy.

Watch for more exciting information on new classes in our upcoming newsletters.

Heard ’round the water bowl
We’re excited to be adding new personalities each week. Our frequent campers are doing their best to make them feel welcome. Here’s some of the gossip heard ’round the water bowl:

“Sadie and Abbie, you girls got to meet new puppy, Charlie this week, didn’t you? What an adorable pup he is. He looks like he may grow up to be a lot like his cousin, Tyson A.”

“Speaking of growing up, has anyone noticed how grown up lab puppies Bella and Kiki are? They’ve both grown like weeds this past month.”

“It was fun to play with Toby today – he’s a great fellow, and seems to have taken quite a shine to you, Ginger. You lucky girl – he’s such a handsome boy, too!”

“Silly, everyone takes a shine to me – I’m a pooch magnet!”

“Well of course we all are! – that’s why we’re the welcome waggin’!”

Wishing you a wonderful weekend of whichever may be your preference: rest and relaxation or fun and frolic.
Very best regards,

Linda Olsen and Stina Hughes
Scampers Daycamp for Dogs

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