Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Scampers People –

This has been an exciting week for Scampers campers. They’re seeing changes at Scampers, and meeting new people as well as new dogs. We also saw quite a lot of voting on our Facebook page for this month’s Pooch of the Month. And the results are in…

Pooch of the Month, February 2011

Congratulations to Max Taskar, Pooch of the Month for February, 2011. Max was the clear winner in this month’s poll, with lots of his friends visiting our Facebook page to drop in their votes. He’s a handsome yellow lab with a fondness for toys, particularly balls. He is often seen quite proudly carrying two in his mouth at a time. Sucheta and Vikas will be so proud to know their pooch is so popular!

Welcome Stephanie!

We’re very pleased to welcome a new member to the Scampers team this week. Stephanie Hunt joins us this week, having very recently relocated from Michigan with her beau, Kurt. Stephanie is a veterinary technician with lots of experience in animal handling and pack behavior. At the outset, she’ll be working mostly afternoon shifts, but as our pack continues to grow, we’ll be able to see more of Stephanie as her shifts extend to full time.

Changes Upcoming at Scampers

We’re growing our fencing too! We’re learning that several of our pooches are very athletic, and so we have made arrangements for taller fencing to contain their amazing energy.

Chris Sugarbaker of Cut ‘N Run

Chris Sugarbaker’s next visit is February 15. If you’d like us to book some time for your pooch for some grooming, please let us know as soon as possible. His schedule fills up very quickly.

Looking forward to seeing you and your pooches next week.

Very best regards,

Stina Hughes, Partner and
Linda Olsen, Partner

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