Friday, August 5, 2011

Dear Scampers People –

With August underway, we’re enjoying the “Dog Days of Summer”, especially with almost an entire week of sunshine and warm temperatures. And we’ve been able to bring out (and patch!) our puppy pool. What a grand time the water babies are having – do take some time to view a few of the videos on Facebook. We’ve also introduced a flurry of new furry friends this week, and enjoyed watching them all fit right in with the Scampers pack.

Pooch of the Month – August, 2011

Hearty congratulations to young Sassy Gonzales, winner of this month’s Pooch of the Month photo contest on  Facebook. Sassy is a recent addition to our Scampers Campers, having begun her visits to Scampers in mid-July, but with her ready wag and smile she’s an engaging pooch. Many of our August photo pooches had plenty of voter action, but our camera caught Sassy at a funny moment, and the resulting photo is so adorable it was the clear winner.

Paint the Town Purple Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Paint the Town Purple! contest. Ginger’s people, Richard and Vicki Palmer recommended that Duane and Anne Carson bring their Maggie to Scampers, and it was that pairing that was drawn from our collection jar. The two families each win a Gift Certificate to the Purple Wine Bar of their choice. We’ll be in touch with the lucky winners to arrange for delivery of their prizes, but for now, thank you all for your recommendations!

Pooch Health – a Cooperative Effort

Please remember your role in protecting the health of your own dog as well as all the Scampers Campers. If your dog is displaying symptoms that warrant veterinary care, please ask your veterinarian if or when return to a daycare environment is appropriate.

Pooch Health, cont’d: Current Vaccination Records

Also, as a reminder, we  maintain a policy that all Scampers campers must have current vaccinations. Please keep your dog’s vaccinations current, and ask your veterinarian to forward a copy of any updated vaccination records to Scampers via fax.

Pawlogic One-Day Seminars

Pawlogic is offering one-day seminars throughout the summer months that emphasize important training cues. Pencil these dates in: August 13th – Loose Leash Walking, and August 27th – Coffee Shop Etiquette. Seminars have limited space, and Cathy has announced extra sessions to accommodate the volume of responses. Call her to reserve your spot.

Photos and Video

Whenever you have an extra few minutes, take a tour of the videos and photos in Facebook, Flickr and the Scampers Blog and see if there are any new shots of your pooch in action. 

Stina Hughes and
Linda Olsen, Partners

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