Considering Dog Daycare?

If you are thinking about finding a new avenue for your best friend’s enrichment, you may want to consider dog daycare.  Sure, the local off-leash park can be a great outlet for their pent up energy.  But how much to do you really know about the other dogs there?  Do their owners truly have the ability to control their dog(s) should an incident occur?  Is anyone there trained in canine first aid?  These are all factors you should consider when you venture out for group play with your dog.

For example, do you know which breed of dog is most commonly put down due to uncontrolled biting behavior?  It may surprise you to learn that it is the Cocker Spaniel. 

Dogs are pack animals, descended from wolves, and it is important to know how their brains work when they get together.  It is also important to know that as pack animals, they really are enriched by spending time within a familiar pack on a regular basis.  This kind of socialization truly helps them gain a more complete sense of self, as they define their place within a known group.

Dog daycare facilities offer a safe, controlled environment where your dog can interact with other dogs and gain self-realization.  Daycare staffers are often trained in canine first aid, and while many have learned a great deal about pack dynamics simply from prolonged exposure to this kind of environment, some have sought specialized training to maximize the safety of both staff and canine visitors.  Further, dogs at these facilities are always current with their shots and have undergone temperament tests, so you can have a much greater level of comfort about the group.

If you are wrestling with how to socialize or occupy your dog during the day, consider dog daycare – your dog will become a better canine citizen and you will feel better knowing you contributing to your dog’s sense of well-being.

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