What a Week! Lots of new dogs, lots of great fun!

The Scampers pack has grown enormously this week. On Wednesday alone, we introduced six new dogs to the group. As you can well imagine, that means there were lots of happy tails and sniffin’ and rompin’.

Here’s a pictorial of our week to give your imagination some fodder:

Here's Ziggy!
And this is Tully, the athlete
Mojo's smilin' again
Finally, a clear shot of Scout!
Roan checks out Matthew who's meeting Abby
Moo Moo is an easy add-on
Meet Neige - Quel Adorable!
This is Opie - sporting red today
This is Buddy - Active, and a perfect match for Oreo
Tucker and Mylo in the distance, Apu and Moo Moo too
Max shows off his ball handling skills
Finally, Finn on his First Day!

 Yup, we’re  all playing all day, and going home tired.

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