Welcome Chester and Kodiak!

We’re having a lively day today as we welcome two new dogs to the Scampers roster. We’re very pleased to introduce Chester and Kodiak.

Kodiak (left) and Chester (right)

Chester is a young “Maltimo” – Maltese/Eskimo/Pomeranian – with a delightful attitude. He’s all about the fun of life.  He hit it off immediately with Schuster, and the two dance very well together. A while later, he was spotted lounging with Rosie and Biscuit. Minutes later he was romping with Kodiak.

Shuster and Chester dance while Gloria looks on

Kodiak is the other new kid to Scampers. Kodi’s a big boy, with bloodlines that include Akita and St. Bernard. Despite his current hair loss (he’s shedding his coat by the pound!) he’s a very handsome fellow with his regal bearing, soft brown eyes, gentle smile and perpetually waving tail. His  major motivation seems to be getting someone to rub him to help him with that hair loss project. 

Kodi's getting acquainted

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