Week 3: 11/12/10

Dear Friends of Scampers,

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Well, we’re having a ball.

The dogs who have been entrusted to us from the time we opened our doors are all so wonderful. Each is so unique in personality, in style, and we’re loving getting to know them all, and getting to love them all!

We are continuing to grow by leaps and bounds, adding another half dozen dogs to our roster this week. We’ve met many others who will be joining the pack soon. Of course we still have lots of room, so if your pooches’  friends need a place to go, we’re here for them too. Penny’s littermate Scout joined up this week, so we have a second sister act – in addition to Stina and myself!

On Wednesday, Chris Sugarbaker of Cut-N-Run spent the afternoon at Scampers and many pooches pranced back from his van looking so proud of their gleaming coats. Have a look at some of the beauties here:�
Chris will be at Scampers again on Thursday, November 18th. Let us know if you’d like to have your pooch bathed and fluffed or trimmed next week.

Finally, this week we launched the Scampers Daycamp for Dogs Facebook page with discussion forums, more photos and videos of your pooches, and an event calendar. Please feel free to browse, to share, and to contribute your thoughts and ideas.

We thank you all again for sharing  your lovely pooches with us. We’re enjoying every minute we get to spend with them.

Linda Olsen and Stina Hughes, Partners

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