Week 2: 11/05/10

Hi all,

First of all, great thanks to all of our inaugural week clients – we are so pleased to have met so many truly nice people whose pooches are absolute delights!  Our second week saw most of you back again, putting your 10-day passes to work!  We hope you are finding those convenient.

Our second week saw some lovely new dogs along with their human companions:  Chester, the clown, who plays wonderfully with any one of our pooch buddies; Abby the lovely chocolate lab with the heart of gold; and Kodiak came for his first full day and managed to leave behind about three little Kodiak puppies in the form of fur left behind!!  He appears to be on the tail end, so to speak, of “blowing” his coat which meant our vacuum cleaner was tested to the max on Wednesday.  A look at our blog will give you a more detailed look at some of our new buddies and how they spend their days.

We do have one request, and it is simply so we can make your pooches’ days the best we can … If you know what days you will be coming, please let us know one day before, whether with a quick call or email.  While we have no issues with space for everyone yet, it is helpful just knowing how we should set up for the coming day to maximize safety as well as the Play Quotient for the personalities coming in the morning.  That said, please don’t let a forgotten call or email keep you away – we have the ability to shift things, and we are always happy to see you and your dogs.

Thank you all for your continued support of our burgeoning business – it is so very appreciated!! 

p.s. Chris Sugarbaker of Cut-N-Run Mobile Grooming will be on site on Wednesday, November 10th – if you’d like to take advantage of his services for your pooch, let us know.

Have a super weekend,

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