We love working with pros – Several JWDs this week.

This week has been a series of “Job Well Done” tick-marks, and today we thank some real pros who understand good business, and whose good business practices are assisting us as we prepare for our opening next week, if we’re successful in our bid to finalize our permits with the City of Kirkland. (That inspection will be later today, but we’re convident that we’ll be in good shape!)

Sincere thanks to Calvin Lim of Blue Comet, our web designer, who has set us up with exactly the kind of website we need – functional, flexible to grow as we grow, and change as we change. He completed the job on time, on budget, and to perfection, and we are grateful and very impressed.

Calvin was recommend to us by Karen Cowl of Stripe Graphics, the brilliant graphic designer who has worked with us from the time Scampers was barely a concept, and has helped us to bring the Scampers personality to life. Karen shepherded the website project from start to finish, overseeing and maintaining the lines of communication and clarity, while juggling her other clients who, no doubt, feel as completely and thoroughly tended as we do. Karen also worked with us to develop our signage, the advertising art which was applied to our cars, our business cards, logo wear, our “power card”, and an ad that will be running in the neighborhood weeklies next weekend.

Meanwhile, our Rain Garden was completed this week, with very little fuss and bother, and to our great delight we even have our own tree. InHarmony Sustainable Landscape Solutions, with a team led by Bryan LaComa, helped us to solve the large problem of soiled storm runoff and the need to protect our nearby wetland. The Rain Garden is an oasis in a sea of asphalt, softens the entire look of our exterior, and brings the dogs a little bit of green to admire (from the other side of the fence).

That fence system is now complete, and surrounds about 5000 square feet of outdoor play area for the dogs. It was installed by Economy Fence Center, another team that understands the importance of “on time, on budget”, and also takes pride in doing a job right the first time.

Rain Garden, with our Pretty Snoopy Tree

Ed and team the from 3G Plumbing, installed our entire laundry room to meet the high standards of the King County Board of Health. We now have not only a washer and dryer, but also a mop sink, a utility sink, and a shiny new water heater. This was a difficult job which included jackhammering a hole in 12″ thick concrete to create a new drain. They did a great job under tough circumstances, and we’re thrilled with our new utility room.

Thanks also to Rick, from Pride Electric. He is at this moment connecting power to our new laundry room. He arrived at the crack of dawn and set right to work. He’s one of those really smart fellows who can immediately see exactly what’s needed and get the job done quickly and tidily with no fuss or bother.

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