Thursday, a day of Meetings of Happy Pooches

The first of the guests to arrive today was Penny. She’s a friendly sort, and immediately set to entertaining the house pooches.

She and Biscuit engaged for a while in some fun dancing.

The Penny-Biscuit Pairing was great fun for both

Jax arrived to great fanfare, as Scampers December Pooch of the Month, as voted by Scampers Facebook fans. Penny charmed him thoroughly, and soon he had only eyes for her.

Jax bows to his new Penny Love

Then Penny’s sister Scout arrived, and provided Penny with some other kinds of fun.

Inseparable Sisters Scout and Penny

Poor Jax lost her attentions, and sought solace from his good friend, Rosie.

Good friends are always there for you

When Sasha arrived, there was a clear difference in size, but she can have fun with any dog any time, and soon Sasha and Jax were having a game of chase. It didn’t last long – Jax has short legs, and Sasha doesn’t.

Baxter arrived in the early afternoon to help Jax out with all the girls. They got together for a some romping time in the sunshine, perhaps to celebrate their guy-ness.

The boys get ta wrasslin'

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