Scampers Weekly Recap – September 4, 2015

Scampers Weekly Recap - September 4, 2015
Dear --Valued Customer--

Back to school! We're seeing a whole bunch more pooches again, now that school's back in session.

It's Labor Day Weekend!

While we're just hopping in our Boarding facility, our daycare activities will be closed on Labor Day except by appointment.

Now that we've all got our noses back to our grindstones, stop by our front desk or let us know by email if you'd like to set up, change, or confirm recurring appointments for your campers.

And as long as we're in that whole back-to-school mode, we're looking for any updated vaccination records that may be due. We definitely want to avoid the contagions!

We were fortunate to have past wranglers Elise Poston and McKenzie Moates visit our facility to provide our staff with Emergency Preparedness and Canine First Aid courses, respectively.

We were so pleased that so many of our staff were able to attend -- I'm sure the food bribery helped, but mostly they want to be the best dog wranglers they can be for your pooches!

Thank you, Elise and McKenzie, for your contributions to the day.


Every once in a while we come across a dog-oriented joke.

This one's today's:

Watch for the updates of our framed Friday Funny in our reception area.

We'll also make sure they're posted on our Facebook page so you can share them with your friends.

We're a pretty close knit group of pooches - we form strong friendships, and we get to know each other very well. When we new pooches join us, we love to introduce them around and get them started in their Scampering adventures - that's why they call us the "welcome waggin".

We got to meet four new dogs on Tuesday - what a busy day for the welcome waggin team! But we made sure all our newbies were well tended and made to feel right at home.

Athena found a great bunch to match her energy in the Bigs - she made so many friends and stayed so busy all day long, we're pretty sure she slept very well that evening. Bella the Sheepadoodle joined the Mediums on Tuesday, and liked it so much she came back again on Thursday. For Amy C, a super-shy girl, we tried to be gentle and welcoming, and by the end of hr first day, she had relaxed nicely into the rhythms. She particularly enjoyed attention from Oscar, a dapper and well-groomed if energetic terrier. Meanwhile, tiny puppy Bandit McE, Harley Mac's baby sister, got to try out daycare, and handled it all like the tiny champ she is - she loved meeting all Harley's friends.

This morning we welcomed Doxie puppy Daisy into the Littles group. She's very interested in all the goings-on - and she's certain it's all going on in her honor! And then Ozzie Boxer introduced his new little brother, Finn, the English Bulldog, and he's charming us all with his innocent bulldog style!

Hey, Peeps, don't forget, if you're curious about how we spend our days and you're not quite sure what those report cards really mean, you can watch the adventures in the photos and videos our wranglers are posting on the Scampers Facebook page.

There's also a ScampersDogs channel on YouTube where you'll find all kinds of fun videos, and we update that selection periodically.
Chris Sugarbaker of Cut-N-Run, mobile groomer extraordinaire will make his next visit to Scampers on Tuesday, September 1st.

His schedule really does fill up often, and while we'll try to squeeze everyone in, please make sure to get your request in early if your dog needs a spruce-up.  

Give us a call to schedule an appointment for your pooch, or ... 

Congratulations to Chavo, who edged into the lead after much brisk voting. His photo will grace our reception area for the month of September.

You can see all of the candidate photos in the albums on our Facebook page.
Every once in a while we receive a photo from one of our customers showing us what their beloveds are doing after their day at Scampers.

We're always looking for new material but we have some classics to share:


Nora's got a very comfy spot just for her. She stretches out her little body for a nice long rest after a day at Scampers.
17 pounds of tired fury
Tired Newton

Flapjack got home after a busy day of hounding around with her friends and couldn't even...
After her busy day at Scampers, Little Sophie C went out like a light!
Nala's legs may be just a mite long for her bed!

This category of owner-contributed pics features dogs enjoying their extracurricular fun.
This is where we'll post the pics we've received of your pooches enjoying summer vacations, beach roaming, ball games, and any other such general exploring. 
Shay enjoyed hanging out at Twanoh State Park Beach.Doesn't she look gorgeous in this light?

Ripley's secret to keeping her cool.

Finley is awestruck by the majesty of Crater Lake.

We have also received some great shots documenting "The Real Reason" you bring your furkids to Scampers.
Pretty Josie is showing us how much she loves her Tuffy indestructible toy. You can just see the pride in her eyes!

Here's Charlie R, wearing his chicken bag. This is how Sally found him when she returned home one day.

We were not at all surprised to learn that Charlie R's littermate, Gunnar McL, is equally talented. This is Gunnar's attempt at helping around the office. We're pretty sure this is why he spends time with us at Scampers. 

Pretty Abby G is a very helpful pooch indeed. This lovely picture shows her effort at helping to unpack mysterious things at the office.
Is anyone noticing a trend? Those yellow labs can be so charming, and so helpful!
Canine Nosework Classes at Scampers
Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and an inborn desire to hunt. The sport of K9 Nose Work is designed to develop the natural scenting abilities of your dog by using their passion for hunting and their love of toys, food and exercise.  

It's a great class for your dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy and you get to find out just how good your dog's nose is.
Vicki Francks, owner of Cascade Canines continues offering K9 Nose Work Classes using Scampers facility. If you'd like some information on the next round of classes, give Vicki a call at 206-849-7643. More information is also available as Scampers front desk.

Dogs on Leashes, Pretty Please

Our reception area is often very busy, and we host many dogs with many different kinds of personalities. While we love them all, we know that some are inclined to jump up and greet new friends, and others are inclined to try to protect their beloved humans.

To avoid any kind of mishap, please ensure your pooches are securely leashed and in control while in our reception area. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Labor Day weekend.
Very best regards,
Linda Olsen and Stina Hughes 
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