Oh, A Pox upon the Teens Mucking up Epoxy Paint!


Sarah’s scraping the carpet glue off the concrete in preparation for our new rubber flooring.

The King County Board of Health recommends painting the bottom 48″ of all our walls with  epoxy paint.

$600 later, we hired ourselves a “work crew” of summer-bored kids. Three 14 year olds and expensive paint – bad combo. Well, we learned something there!

But after a stern talking-to, they bucked down and did a great job of the finish coats, and we now have a stylish two-tone space.

p.s. I realized after a re-read that I did not give these hard-working young people near enough credit. Granted they were a little less than perfect on Day 1, and perhaps a bit more focused on the head-banging rock ‘n roll blaring from the boombox than on the precision of their painting, but they did get a full day’s work done, and on Day 2 they were fabulous and the end result is quite cool, so we truly are very grateful to them for their dedication and effort. And we had fun too!

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