Introducing Whiskey, the perfect Houseguest

Whiskey - Perpetual Poetry in Motion

Whiskey joined the Hughes household this week while her people are in Hawaii. Whiskey is a Beagle x King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, and she’s soft and cuddly and constantly wiggling. She and Rosie are a great pair, often found cuddled together. Spats and Trixie still aren’t sure, though.

Whiskey’s a great fan of food – she’d accept any food, anytime, from anybody, for any reason. But she’s sticking to a strict diet according to her people’s rules, even though she’s probably wiggly enough that she’d maintain her puppy-ish figure anyway.

She’s super talented too. Her people have taught her a bunch of fun tricks like “High Five”, “Back Up”, “Stick Em Up / Bang” – she falls over and plays dead!

While she’s staying with the Hughes family, she comes in with Stina to Scampers each day to hang out with Rosie and Biscuit while we prepare for our opening day (which, by the way, is COMING SOON!)

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