Introducing The Rain Garden Concept for Scampers


When we found our location in the Totem Lake area, we were so pleased with the wonderfully accessible driveway, the spacious and bright building, the busy streetfront used by workers commuting to the technology companies in Redmond and along the Willows corridor. We didn’t notice immediately that our property is adjacent to a wetland which is part of the Totem Lake.

We had to face facts: Pooches poop. And despite our very best efforts of immediate scooping and scrubbing with disinfecting cleaner, there will be some amount of animal “essence” to be rinsed into the city’s sewer system, and conceivably into the water table.

We knew that, with a certain amount of plumbing work, we could squeegee these essences into the city’s sewer system, but (quite understandably) the City of Kirland did not want us to be adding storm water run-off to the work their wastewater treatment plant was handling. And it rains in Kirkland.

Stacey Rush of the City of Kirkland was able to give us a great solution which will result in nice clean water reaching our water table.

The issue of issue-laden run-off is solved, in Scampers case, by a wonderfully natural and decorative technology, the Rain Garden.

A Rain Garden is a carefully designed depression in the landscape, which has been layered with certain soils and rocks and pebbles, and then planted with indigenous species which works together to collect, absorb and filter stormwater and run-off so that nothing unpleasant reaches the water table.

We found InHarmony Sustainable Landscapes through the web, and were immediately impressed with their expertise, but also with their willingness to work with us to design our Rain Garden to accommodate our needs as well as meeting the requirements of the City of Kirkland.

So, we’ll be keeping your water clean by cleaning our water – naturally – before it leaves us.

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