Interior Fencing – DONE!

Who knew some chain link fences could be so incredibly exciting?!

For Stina and me, this lovely stuff is the proof that the dream is coming true, that the vision can be made into a reality.

This fencing is powder coated with the glossiest black, and only 3 feet high, with swing gates designed for ease of access for humans, but the dogs will be well contained, visible, safe, and I hope they will enjoy the cool factor of designer black gloss powder coated steel.

Here’s the entry gate. It works a lot like the airlock in a spaceship. First you get the dog inside the door, and once the door is closed, open the gate. No escapes, no unwanted or uncontrolled meetings.

The “fire hydrant” you see is purely decorative, and will soon be moved into our back or side garden, which will be installed as soon as the City of Kirkland is able to approve our permit applications. (Maybe Friday??)  

These fences will be augmented by a system of  “ex-pens” (exercise pens) that can be moved in mere moments, and as easily rearranged into oblongs, ovals, or long stretches which are supported by Triangles of Power (to maintain their verticality). Ex-pens work well to subdivide the spaces into lively dog / quiet dog, big dog / small dog spaces. You can see one which had been in use earlier, but is now set aside – Biscuit, the mop toward the right side of the runway pictured, is guarding it.

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